Diane Varlesi


Diane Marie Varlesi was born April 5, 1944 in the Italian neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. Most of the family came to Michigan from Rome and Monte Cassino. Grandfather Antonio Varlesi sent for Maria Elena Tiseo after seeing a photo of the beautiful young Italian girl and she came to America to meet and marry a stranger! Antonio and Maria had 4 lovely children all born in the USA and they were not citizens at the time the children were born. Antonio set up the only business he knew which was bricklaying and worked it with his first born son, Frank Antonio Varlesi, who is Diane’s father. The brickwork is still standing. In 1973, Diane left Michigan and moved to Scottsdale, AZ with her 4 children to raise and train Arabian Horses. Diane attended Arizona State University and majored in Psychology. In 1985 Diane left AZ to manage the acting and commercial careers of her 4 children and was their Personal Manager. When the family was mostly grown, Diane decided on moving to Colorado Springs in 1993 and this is where she finds the beauty and climate of the Rockies to be most suitable for her health and lifestyle and where she will remain for a lifetime. Diane is delighted to be a part of the fraternity of Sons of Italy in America.