Jennifer Strand


Jennifer Strand was born June 2nd, 1962 in Waco,TX to a military father (Jim Turner) and a beautiful, little Italian woman named Beverly Jean Galli. Growing up in a military family was a challenge with moving frequently, having to constantly make new friends, going to 6 different schools and finally graduating from Air Academy High School in 1980. This challenge, though, was met head on and shaped the person she is today. Jennifer is currently a high school English teacher following in the steps of her father who, besides all the other hats he wore in the military, was also an instructor at the Air Force Academy and when he retired, taught for nine years as a high school history teacher. Growing up with a teacher, her life was one big classroom and as an adult decided that teaching was the path she would also follow. Jennifer currently teaches 10th grade sophomore English at Mitchell High School, but has taught every grade level from 7th up to 12th. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English/ Theatre and a Master’s degree in Education. She is very excited to serve as Vice President of an organization that has long been an integral part of her Italian legacy.