Marilyn Munkres


Marilyn was born in New York City and is a first generation American. Her mother was born in San Vito al Tagliamento, northeast of Venice and her father was born in Maddaloni, east of Sorrento. Both her mother and father’s families emigrated to the US during the war and arrived at Ellis Island. They lived in New York for a short time before moving to New haven, CT where Marilyn grew up. Marilyn earned her B.S. degree from the College of Mount St. Vincent, N.Y. and her M.A. from Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. Marilyn worked as a defense contractor at NASA, MITRE, Schriever AFB and Peterson AFB for a number of years before changing career fields and becoming a travel rep. Marilyn and her 2 sons, Kevin and Darryl moved to Colorado Springs in 1982. She became a cross country skier and subsequent racer until 1998 when there was a dearth of snow for the next 3 years. She then discovered Olympic style weightlifting. She is currently a member of the USA Women’s Weightlifting Team – Master’s Division. She is a National, Pan Am and World gold medalist and record holder. In addition, she runs the Lift4LifeTM cancer survivor exercise program. She is excited to be a member of OSIA and serve as a Trustee.