Mark Fini


Mark is a Colorado native born in Pueblo and raised in Walsenburg. All of Mark’s grandparents came over from Italy in the early 1900s from the Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany regions. As was the case with many immigrants at that time, their move was economically driven. Both of Mark’s grandfathers, Pietro Fini and Ercole Carrari, worked in the coal mines of southern Colorado and settled in Walsenburg where they raised their families. They and their families were present at the time of the Ludlow Massacre. Eventually one each of their children, Peter Fini and Elsa Carrari, were married and had three children of which one was Mark. Mark graduated from the long time defunct St. Mary High School there in 1969. Mark attended and graduated from now CSU-Pueblo with a BS in Mathematics in 1974. He began his software/system engineering career shortly thereafter and recently retired from Lockheed Martin. Mark has two great kids, Peter and Gabrielle. Peter is 28 and is living in Grand Junction is currently employed with ALPS Financial Services. Gabrielle is 25 and currently working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Fort Collins. Mark is actively involved in the St. Peter Knights of Columbus council in Monument and is a member of the local Colorado Springs Elks lodge. Mark loves to play golf, read, walk and watch hockey and football.