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Lila Mori

Lila Joined the Sons of Italy Lodge 2870 in August 2014. She is a third generation Italian American. Her Italian ancestors were from Arezzo, in the Tuscano region of Italy. Lila grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her Italian American father and French Canadian descended mother. In NH, evidence of her French Canadian roots were all around ... More

Diane Varlesi

Diane Marie Varlesi was born April 5, 1944 in the Italian neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. Most of the family came to Michigan from Rome and Monte Cassino. Grandfather Antonio Varlesi sent for Maria Elena Tiseo after seeing a photo of the beautiful young Italian girl and she came to America to meet and marry a stranger! Antonio and Maria had 4 lovely ... More

Jim Ambuehl

I was born in Denver, CO, and graduated from the University of Denver with a Electrical Engineering degree in 1964. I married Barbara later that year and we celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary in November of this year. We have three kids and seven grandkids. I spent 37 years with the Square D Company and my wife, who was born and raised in Dallas, Tx., ... More

Jim Mesite

Jim and his wife, Bobbie, came here with the Army in 1979 for 3 years, and returned to live permanently in 1989. They have 3 adult children, a son here, and two older daughters in Massachusetts. and 5 grandchildren, 2 here. Jim grew up in the multi-ethnic, immigrant town of Meriden, CT. His father was one of 11 in a big Italian family, and his mother, one ... More

Mark Fini

Mark is a Colorado native born in Pueblo and raised in Walsenburg. All of Mark’s grandparents came over from Italy in the early 1900s from the Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany regions. As was the case with many immigrants at that time, their move was economically driven. Both of Mark’s grandfathers, Pietro Fini and Ercole Carrari, worked in the coal mines of ... More