The Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA) is the leading service and advocacy organization for the nation’s estimated 26 million men and women of Italian descent. Additionally, OSDIA is the largest and longest established Italian-American organization in the United States, having headquarters in Washington, D.C. near Capitol Hill, and hundreds of local lodges throughout the United States.

OSDIA’s missions include encouraging the study of Italian language and culture in American schools and universities, preserving Italian traditions, culture, history, heritage, and promoting closer cultural relations between the United States and Italy.

The original name was – in Italian – L’Ordine Figli d’Italia. In Italian “figli” means both sons and children. When the name was translated into English, “sons” was chosen because OSIA was an organization for adults 18 and older.

Our local Sons and Daughters of Italy Pikes Peak Lodge #2870 was established in May 2011 as a fraternal organization with 51 members. The founders of the Pikes Peak Chapter of OSDIA are Tony Rodasta, Fred J. Darpino and Carlo Montera.

The Pikes Peak Lodge is committed to preserving and celebrating Italian culture, language, heritage, and traditions. To meet these goals, we host potluck dinners and have various group outings which celebrate our culture, such as playing the Italian game of Bocce Ball. In order to promote the Italian language, we offer classes through our lodge to our members and, more importantly, we encourage local school districts to offer Italian language classes to their students. In addition, we offer college and trade school scholarships to students who have ties to members in good standing of our lodge, and raise funds for national and local charities (Alzheimer’s, Cooley’s Anemia, autism and cancer research, Home Front Cares, the Marion House,  and others.). We meet the first Tuesday of each month at the VFW Post #101, 702 S. Tejon in Colorado Springs.

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    1. Hi Vic. I’m guessing you are trying the system out. We may need to look at how this can be directed directly to someone so we can respond faster. I’m not sure how to do that?

  1. Afternoon Jimmy, Mark Fini was not at the meeting last night so we pretty much passed the discussion. I did ask members who had pictures from the wine and whiskey tasting to send them to you. I did not get the sense that there were any. I believe this website has tons of potential for attacking new members. I think we can start by sending these inquiries to the lodge email
    We need to add a membership application to the website and in a perfect world, a paypal link so that applications with membership payments can be made on line. I dont have a clue how this stuff works but will keep looking into it. thanks and take care Vic

  2. Bongiorno, I’ve been in Colorado for 18 months. Come from Jersey, I never knew how much I miss my heritage back at home no one seems to care around here I think I only know two Italian people lol. And boy do I miss my Italian bread. So my question is is everything up in Denver, I’m in the Springs

    1. Hi Vince: Nice to hear from you. We are located in Colorado Springs and meet the first Tuesday of each month. Come join us for our monthly general meeting January 4 at VFW Post #101 on 702 S. Tejon and Rio Grande. We have a 5:30 dinner for $5 followed by the meeting. First time visitors are free.

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